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Introduction to Chuck C. AA Talks

Chuck C. gave these six talks to a gathering of fellow alcoholic men in 1975 at the Pala Mesa Retreat. Of the hundreds of recorded talks that he gave, Chuck felt that these included just about all his thoughts on the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Program of Life.  Close to the time he died, these talks were transcribed word for word and printed in the book A New Pair of Glasses, by Chuck C.

About Chuck C.

Well-known Southern California AA speaker Clancy I. explains why one might well take notice of Chuck C.  These excerpts are from the introduction to A New Pair of Glasses,  "He was a man who literally went from a 'tongue-chewing, babbling idiot' to one of the most charismatic men in the world," Clancy writes.  "Today, (1983) this remarkable man has become as near a living legend in his own time as is possible to achieve in a program of anonymity," Clancy adds. "Over the years he has become probably the best-known, most loved, highly successful living example of the AA principles." Born in 1902, Chuck C. became sober in 1946 and passed away in 1984. He knew Bill W. and a number of the other early AAs.

Chuck C. Pala Mesa AA Talks Audio Files

Part 1 of 6:  Definition of the Problem

Part 2 of 6:  A.A. - A Living Answer

Part 3 of 6: Practice These Principles

Part 4 of 6: Am I Going to Run My Life?

Part 5 of 6: Some Questions & Answers

Part 6 of 6: The Best Years of My Life